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24 October 2018 @ 06:32 pm

SERIES (Alphabetical Order)
-Pairing: Prompt (Chronological Order)



There are unmarked spoilers for all series.




Lucky/Spot: Spot has a crush, fluff.

Horace and Jasper watch Home Alone, they love/hate it.

Anita/Cruella: Cruella takes a liking to her new intern, they compliment each other.

Danny/Pongo: Pongo will do anything to thank those who helped find the puppies.

After the movie Horace and Jasper make an appearance on "What's My Crime?".



Brom Bones/Katrina Von Tassel: Ichabod's been killed and she is heartbroken. Brom comforts her.

Brom Bones/Ichabod Crane: The reason no one ever saw Ichabod again was because Brom beat him, sodomized him, and left him for dead.

Moley/Ratty: Anything.



Chaos/Iago: Chaos is better at wooing than anyone thought.

Aladdin: Aladdin makes sex wishes.

Mozenrath/Sadira: She invites his enemies to dinner.

Genie/Various: Genie goes to Disneyworld, seduces Mickey & co. by disguising as their love interests.

Aladdin/Jafar: Jafar makes Aladdin suck him off when he's disguised as an old man.

Cassim/Saluke: Hatesex, professional difference.

Aladdin/Jasmine, Aladdin/Genie: Jasmine realizes that Genie is in love with Al and she doesn't mind sharing.

Aladdin/Genie: Aladdin wants the Genie to have a huge cock and fuck him with it.

Genie!Jafar/F: Femdom, whipping, size disparity.

Slave!Aladdin/Any: Al's sexually disappointing and his master fixes it, non/dubcon, hypnotism, orgasm denial, forced orgasm, bdsm, humiliation.

Iago/Xerxes: Human AU.

Aladdin/Mozenrath: Anything, happy ending.

Achmed/Aladdin: Prince Achmed makes him feel like a streetrat again through sexual humiliation, dub/noncon, dark, mindfuckery.

Aladdin/Mozenrath: Slow sweet seduction to the dark side, Al's morals are chipped away until he is his lieutenant, powerplay.

Aladdin/Rasoul/Saluk: Dark, non con, Rasoul is obsessed with him and Saluk would love to rub it in Cassim's face that he fouled-up his son.

Aladdin/Jafar: Jafar saves Aladdin and intends to be repaid, he rules Agrabah with the lamp and keeps Aladdin chained to his bed.

Jafar marries/hypnotizes Jasmine and keeps Aladdin locked away, Aladdin stopped fighting and is broken, inspired by Pearl by Katy Perry.

Jasmine's hand is cut off in the marketplace.

Aladdin/Saluk: To strike a blow at his rival, Cassim, Saluk forces himself on Aladdin, non con, Cassim watching.

Anything involving Muktar from the animated series.

Aladdin/Jasmine: Fic after Aladdin becomes Sultan.

Abu/Aladdin: Abu is given one day as a human and is able to voice his love for his life-long friend.

Arbutus/Jasmine: Smut based on the episode Garden of Evil.

Aladdin/Jasmine: Jafar hypnotizes Aladdin to force himself on Jasmine.

Aladdin takes his daughter on a magic carpet ride but there's an accident and his daughter doesn't survive.

Aladdin manipulated Jasmine so that he could become Sultan and once he succeeds, he drops the facade.

Aladdin/Jasmine: Sexytimes during the Magic Carpet Ride.

Aladdin/Genie: There's Something About Mary, 'cleaning the pipes' before seeing Jasmine.

Jasmine's rejected suitors are sexually frustrated and take it out on a street rat nobody cares about. Non-con.

Sheltered prince Aladdin leaves the palace and meets the fascinating street rat Jasmine.

Iago/Jafar: After Jafar wins he rewards Iago a human body, Jafar unnsuccessfully tries to find a wife as Iago watches on.

Aladdin is a king's son and after Jasmine's kingdom is invaded, he gets the bound princess, Jasmine.

Jasmine/Sadira: Sadira throws a love potion at Aladdin but it hits the wrong person.

High school AU, Aladdin and Jasmine as the golden couple broken up by Mozenrath and Sadira.

Art, illustration of any Aladdin slash. [Art]

Aladdin/Jafar/Jasmine: Aladdin doesn't mind sharing.

Aladdin/Mozenrath: Aladdin really becomes a prince with his own kingdom and the need to ally with the Land of the Black Sands.

Jafar/Jasmine: The effects of Jafar's staff lingers as she slowly becomes what he wants.

Aladdin/Mozenrath: Anything consensual.

Carpet/Genie: Bromance or smut.

Jasmine joins the Gallifems, comes back later to kick Jafar's ass.

Aladdin/Mozenrath: They meet in the dungeon, take over the Land of the Black Sands, slap-slap-kiss romance.

Art for Bacha Bazi. [Art] {#1}

Aladdin/Various: In Return of Jafar, Jafar has the thieves gang-rape Aladdin in front of the Sultan.

Aladdin/Carpet/Jasmine: Sex on the Carpet whilst it is asleep, but moving.

Aladdin/Mirage: Mirage doms, bonus for pegging.

Jasmine/Sadira: Friendship or femmeslash, Sadira is raised in the palace as Jasmine's friend.

Cassim/Jasmine: In King of Thieves, Cassim kidnaps Jasmine.

Aladdin/Mozenrath: Mozenrath gets Aladdin to be a hero and 'free' Destane, recruits him to evil.

Genie/Jasmine: Jasmine goes to Genie for sex ideas, ends up getting drawn into a more and more kinky affair.

Iago/Jafar: Dominant!human!Iago takes revenge.

Aladdin/Mozenrath: Mozenrath recruits Aladdin to overthrow Destane, plotting, romance and villainy.

Aladdin/Mozenrath: Fluff, angst, long and plotty.

Cassim wishes for a day with child!Aladdin.

Aladdin/Carpet/Genie: Carpet knows Genie is getting attached to their new master, and is jealous.

Cassim/Saluk: Noncon, "The Hand of Midas is mine! And also, the life of your brat." But first, he's going to take the kid's virginity.

Jafar finds Iago and takes revenge for his double-betrayal.

Gen or Aladdin/Jasmine: Aladdin becomes Sultan and immediately changes the law to let Jasmine replace him.

Aladdin/Jasmine: Aladdin meets Scourge of the Desert Jasmine in the bazaar.

Aladdin/Jasmine & Aladdin/Genie: Aladdin doesn't mind being shared between Genie and Jasmine.

Aladdin/Jasmine with Aladdin/Jafar: Jasmine is a street sultan and plans to take over Agrabah.

Art for Bacha Bazi. [Art] {#2}

Royal visitors come calling after the wedding, including Prince Achmed; cue irritation and discomfort between Jasmine/Aladdin and Achmed.

Jafar/Jasmine: He spoils his pussycat, animal roleplay.

Aladdin/Mozenrath: Sherlock AU, Mozenrath is Sherlock and Aladdin is Watson.

Aladdin/Jafar/Mozenrath: Jafar hypnotizes both and makes them his sex slaves.

Aladdin/Mozenrath: Successful old-fashioned courting.

F!Aladdin/Jasmine: Magic misfires, turning Aladdin into a girl; Jasmine teaches him how to be a girl.

Despite anxieties, Aladdin is an awesome dad.

The sultan doesn't change the "princess must marry a prince" law and Aladdin and Genie travel the world.

Aladdin's life pre-movie.

Aladdin/Jafar: Jafar takes over and sneaky Aladdin saves the day.

Aladdin gagged, bound, and humiliated.

Aladdin/Jasmine/Sadira: Jasmine and Sadira become a couple and try to get Aladdin in on it too.

Aladdin and Jasmine's romance fizzles out and they decide they're attracted to the opposite sex.

Aladdin/Jasmine: He likes her red outfit. Dirty talk and kinky sex.

Aladdin/Jasmine: Rule 63.

Genie/Iago: Something fluffy.

Jafar/Jasmine: "fantasy, own, powerful"

Mirage/Phasir: Anything.

Genie/Iago Iago's been turned into a human, and wants the Genie to turn him back into a parrot. Only, Genie doesn't want Iago to be a parrot anymore.

Aladdin/Jasmine: Role reversal.

Genie/human!Iago: Anything.

Aladdin/Jasmine Jasmine is a spoiled brat, and it's up to Aladdin to draw her out of her shell.

Jafar-centric or Jafar/Jasmine: Jafar is the Sultan's bastard son, resenting his father for not acknowledging him, and wants Agrabah because he thinks it's his birthright.



Alice/Mad Hatter/Marsh Hare: Threesome.

Alice/Queen of Hearts: Erotically creative use of croquet mallet flamingos and hedgehog balls.

The Queen gives Alice wine then pleasures/corrupts her.

Catepillar/Flowers:The younger flowers find him charming.



Human AU, Thomas O'Malley leaves a trail of broken but satisfied men and women behind him.

Berlioz/Marie: Kitty incest, cute.

Humanized art. [Art]

Berlioz/Marie: Human AU, Toulouse is onto them before they realise.

Berlioz/Marie: Berlioz is in obsessed with Marie, who's in love with O'Mally. He stalks her. Noncon during her estrous cycle.

Marie/O'Malley: She tries to seduce him while in heat.

Marie/O'Malley: One-sided, human AU. Marie has a crush on her stepfather.

Duchess/O'Malley: Fluff.



Kida/Milo: Femdom.

Audrey/Milo: Milo is a virgin, Audrey tops.

Kida/Milo: They have their first time, Milo is an awesome partner.

Milo fascinated with the joys of his body.

Fic based, Milo ends up being the chosen.

Audrey/Vinny: She loves his thick mustache.

Audrey/Kida/Vinny: People always find a way to relax after battle.

Kida/Vinny: How-to-kiss/-make-love lessons from Vinnie to Kida.

Helga/Milo/Rourke: Established Helga/Rourke, they invite Milo to join them. Con or dub-con.

FtM!Milo, fluff, it comes out and they all still just see him as Milo.

Audrey/Vinny: Set during the film, Vinny was asked by Manuel Ramirez to look after his daughter.

The Atlanteans take the 'intruders' captive and intend to keep them as slaves.

Kida/Milo: She teaches him dirty Atlantean words.

Cookie/Packard: When old people fall in love.

Kida/Vince: Vampire AU.

Mrs. Packard/Atlanteans: A2, anything.

Mole/Everyone: Mole hits on everyone, creeped out Milo.

Kida/Milo: Genderswap, movie plot.

Kida/Milo: Atlantean mating rituals.


Flower/Bambi: Flower can't get him out of his head after being called pretty, Flower confesses his love and kneels before him.

Bambi's Mother/The Great Prince: Their courtship and mating.

Fem!Bambi growing up.

Bambi goes to live with Mena and grows up to resent his father.



Fife/Forte: Powerplay sex or surprise!fluff.

Gaston/Lefou: Gaston is less of a jerk.

Gaston: No one gets crunk like Gaston.

Cogsworth/Lumiere: Broadway version, half-human half-object.

Adam/Belle: After he turns human she seduces him, he proves he's still a beast in bed.

Cogsworth/Lumiere: Lumiere finds Cogworth's Napoleonesque hat hot.

Cogsworth/Lumiere: They act as uncles to Chip, who thinks they're married.

Cogsworth/Lumiere: Domestic fluff.

Human!Cogsworth/Candelabra!Lumiere: Uses of candle.

Beast/Gaston: Consensual.

Belle/Gaston: Gaston proposes to her, she says no but he says yes to more than just marriage, issues with consent.

Legally Blonde inspired, the Bimbettes teach Belle to bend and snap.

Beast/Belle: His tail is sensitive and touch arouses him, Belle is willing to let his release.

The Bimbettes/Gaston/LeFou: The Bimbettes experiment with each other, Gaston and LeFou watch.

Adam/Belle: Belle being marked by the Beast.

Gen or Beast/Belle: The Beast hunts for food, angst, Belle sees him covered in blood and is weirdly aroused.

Beast/Belle: When the revolution starts they get targeted and have to be smuggled out to escape.

Gaston/LeFou: Gaston warms LeFou up after he waits in the cold.

Beast/Belle: He marks her as his.

Beast/Enchantress: She visits and urges him to earn his freedom, the smutty way.

Beast/Belle: He's a sadistic Beast who forces himself on her, she doesn't blame him for his instincts and leaves the door open for him.

Beast/Belle: Belle gets excited while reading a romance book, her scent attracts Beast, he sniffs/tastes her 'down there,' primal sex.

Beast/Gaston: Gaston doesn't die and becomes Beast's sexy stress toy.

Adam/Belle: Adam loses his memory and treats Belle like he is the beast again.

A servant whose wife and child died hungry because he was stuck at the castle murders Belle in revenge when she gets pregnant.

King Adam is enslaved by an evil hag and the residents of the castle start a resistance.

Chip/Cogsworth/Lumiere: Try explaining the birds and the bees to a teacup.

Beast/Belle: Beast spies on Belle and is angsty because he can't do anything in his form.

Belle and Adam travel the world after the end of the movie.

Gaston/Lefou: Height difference.

Adam/Belle: When Belle becomes ill, Adam trades his happiness for hers. He watches through the mirror alone as she lives a happy life.

Belle and Adam care for Gaston when he barely survives the fall. Threesome preferred.

Belle/Gaston: He wins her over by giving her great orgasms.

Belle/Gaston: She never met Adam, instead settling down with Gaston and taming that beast.

Belle/Gaston: Dub-con, Gaston confronts Belle, she loses her memory, and he tells her they're married and takes advantage of her.

Gaston is given another chance at life, but must live as a woman for being such a sexist pig.

Gaston/LeFou: pretty!LeFou with Gaston trying to win him over since he is the second most beautiful creature in the village.

Belle is married to Gaston but has an affair with Adam, using the man Gaston was before they married as leverage.

Belle wishes for adventure, they must flee France during the French Revolution.

Based on Lady Chatterley's Lover.

Belle/Gaston: The wedding night, Belle doesn't want him but he doesn't want to hurt her.

Belle is a princess who was smuggled out of Paris during the Revolution

Beast/Belle: Belle wants some hardcore beast!fucking.

Belle/Gaston: She thinks about being in a relationship with him and finds it hilarious.

Belle/Gaston: Naked!Gaston tries to hide his small penis from Belle.

Belle/Gaston: Awkward date, he's trying to get into her pants and she isn't interested.

Beast/Lumiere: Beast goes to Lumiere for sex advice

Adam/Belle & Cogsworth/Lumiere: Adjusting to being human again.

Adam/Belle & Cogsworth/Lumiere: Adam and Belle have to flee the French Revolution, Cogsworth and Lumiere protect the castle in their stead.

Gaston, redemption, he is turned into a beast

Beauty and the Beast as told by Jane Austen, or as a Pride and Prejudice version of the story.

Beast/Belle: Belle gets pregnant whilst he is still a Beast.

Beast has a rainbow bum.

Beast never used his paws for masturbation, and now that he's human he can't reach with his mouth, how does he scratch the itch?

Beast/Belle: Saya No Uta fusion, Belle sees nightmarish hallucinations until Adam appears, looking normal.

Gaston/LeFou: Gaston is gay and overcompensates.

Beast/Belle: Role reversal.

Beast/Belle: He has Belle locked in his castle for a long time, darkfic, Stockholm syndrome, conditioning, orgasm control.

Gaston in high heels with antlers on.

Belle/Castle Servants: They take her as their sex slave.

Cogsworth/Lumiere: Fighting and flirting.

Beast/Gaston: Mutual abusive relationship.

Adam/Belle: They roleplay bad romance novels in bed.

Cogsworth/Lumiere: Cogsworth can't get respect, Lumiere is an incurable smartass, UST and dysfunctional power dynamics.

Belle/Gaston & Adam/Belle: Gaston and Belle are married and have a daughter, Gaston accuses her of having an affair. Belle decides to actually have an affair; someone dies.

Beast/Belle: Voyeurism, masturbation. She watches him being aroused and becomes aroused herself.

Belle/Chip: Chip has a crush on Belle and tries to impress her.

Adam/Belle: He was never cursed but they meet and fall in love anyway.

How does Gaston know the way to the beast's castle?

Belle and Maurice's backstory.

In the style of Angela Carter.

Cogsworth/Belle's Wardrobe: Anything.

Adam/Belle: Post movie; in public they're a normal couple but in the bedroom BDSM abounds.

Belle somehow loses her clothes in the city, public nudity and enjoyed groping/molestation follows.

Belle/Adam(Beast): Belle can smell the men.

AU: Belle's father breaks the spell.

Frankenstein AU: Belle was created by Maurice.

Beast is the beast of Gévaudan.

Beast/Belle: Genderswap story, first time sex.

Belle/Gaston: They were together in the past or her reading warps into sexual fantasizing.

F!Beast/Belle: Snippets or the movie.

Beast/Belle: As punishment for going into the West Wing, he takes her into the woods and ravishes her.

Gaston/Beast: Tale.

Beast/Belle: One of the wolves that chase her bears the lycanthropy virus and she is infected by it. Come next full moon, she turns into a wolfwoman, and she's in heat...

Beast/Bimbettes: Smut. He's too big to fit in them.

Belle/Bimbettes: They are Belle's fangirls.

Non-con, breeder kink. Gaston traps Belle and Beast and forces them to breed so that he may hunt their spawn down for his trophies.

Something involving the castle staff and body horror/being turned into objects, or even with the Beast himself.

After The Enchanted Christmas, Forte loses his voice. After the spell breaks months later, Belle stumbles across him and re-integrates him into the castle as someone.



Eilonwy/Taran: Eilonwy takes Taran, Fflewddur Fflam, and Gurgi back to her kingdom, they keep in touch and fall in love.

Fflewddur Fflam/Orddu: Orddu slips Fflewddur a love potion, which makes the old bard wild about her.



Gogo/Wasabi: Fluff

Gogo/Hiro: Older Hiro and Gogo go on a date.

Fred/Any: Narrated Smut.

Baymax/Cass: He senses her emotional distress and tries to comfort her.

Transgirl Hiro, something sweet.

Abigail/Krei: After the events of the movie, Krei visits Abigail in the hospital

Alistair Krei likes the new heroes...perhaps a bit too much.

AU where Hiro is the one who dies in the fire, and Tadashi looks for vengeance.

Baymax wasn't stopped in time. It's only the start of Hiro's descent into darkness.

Hiro/Tadashi: Tadashi turns out to be alive, forcing Hiro to face feelings that should've stopped developing a long time ago.

As he grows older, Hiro begins using Baymax's scanner to pick up women.

AU. Tadashi built Baymax to be a military robot.

Gogo/Hiro: Gogo never saw the appeal of kissing in the rain.

Gogo/Hiro: Feudal AU. The spoiled young emperor Hiro starts taking an interest in immigrant streetracer Gogo.

Gogo/Hiro: Culture swap clothing. Interesting reactions to seeing the other in traditional clothing.

Honey Lemon being Latina.

Hiro&/Tadashi: Every time someone says "You look like your brother", Hiro cries himself to sleep.

Callaghan/Krei: Hatesex.

Gogo/Wasabi: She drives like a lunatic. And it sort of turns him on.

Tadashi/Callaghan: AU. Tadashi agrees to sleep with Callaghan in order to protect Hiro. Angst.

Master Criminal AU. San Fransokyo may be a city of vice and sin, but it's also a city of opportunity, and they intend to take theirs. They intend to take everything.

GoGo/Honey Lemon: Honey Lemon decides to have a little fun and reverse things.

Hiro noncon.

Hiro/Any: Hiro tries and fails at flirting.

Honey Lemon/Tadashi: Sex.

Fred/Gogo/Honey Lemon/Tadashi/Wasabi: They are poly parents to Hiro and Baymax.

Inspired by the song "Immortals" and My Immortal fancomics.



Bolt/Mittens: ANYTHING! As long as Mittens is her usual, snarky self!

Bolt/Mittens: She doms.



Brandy/Mr. Whiskers: Mr. Whiskers wants to mate and humps her leg, catches her in heat so she doesn't push him away.



Elinor catches Merida banging a few guys and gets off on the show.

Elinor/Fergus: Hurt/comfort after he loses his leg to Mordu, maybe he's doing the comforting?

Merida and young MacGuffin, Dingwall, and MacIntosh, the four of them end up with different spouses but have an epic bromance.

Merida/Wee Dingwall: She hadn't seen it coming, but, over many visits, he comes to grow on her.

Elinor/Fergus: Fergus is magicked into a bear, he's huge, but a giant teddy bear.

Young Macintosh/Young Macguffin: Anything.

Merida/The Suitors: What would Merida's life had been like if she had become Lady Dingwall/MacGuffin/Macintosh?

The triplets when they grow up. What do they do?

Merida sexually explores the suitors, touching, masturbation, oral, no penetration.

Bear!Elinor/Any, Mor'du/Any: Sex, but with BEARS.

Triplets/Any: A foursome between the triplets and any other character.

Merida/The Suitors: Consensual gangbang/orgy, she marries all of them and needs a heir, a witch allows all three to father her child.

Maudie/Any: Someone has a chubby-kink.

Mor'du/Bear!Elinor, dark AU, bondage, noncon.

Young MacIntosh/Merida and Wee Dingwall/Merida: It is the wedding of MacIntosh and Merida but Wee Dingwall is in love with her.

Conan/Maudie: He steals her heart.



AC/Kirby: 'What're you gonna do, suck me to death?'

Lampy/Radio: Smut.



Denahi/Kenai: Incest, human!sex.

Denahi/Kenai: Beastiality.

Kenai/Nita: Brother Bear 2 AU, Nita remains human and Kenai turns human on a full moon.



Atta/Hopper: Rape, Hopper tops.

Atta/Hopper: Dubcon, Hopper tops.

Atta/Flik: First time.

Atta/Flik: Human AU, Flik is her source of confidence as she rules a kingdom.

Flik/Hopper: 15 year old Flik is sold by his parents to the loan shark Hopper, stealing innocence is better than collecting the money.

Ants/Grasshoppers: They don't come for the food, they come for the sex.

Hopper kidnaps Flick and keeps him as a pet/slave/whatever, stockholm syndrome.

Human AU, FtM!Francis, he only recently started transitioning, and doesn't yet pass terribly well.

Gypsy/Manny: Adoration and fluff.